Hand washing leaves them dry

Constant Hand Washing Causing Dry Skin? Try These Tips

If you’re taking preventative measures and following the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations for when and how to wash your hands, you’re likely washing your hands more than ten times a day. Keeping the germs away can come at a “rough price:” dry, cracked skin. However, this unwanted side effect of frequent hand washing can be helped by following some simple tips!

  1. Face Cream
    Did you know face cream can also be a highly effective hand cream? In general, both face and hand creams are high viscosity. They contain a larger percentage of oil content and less water than a body lotion. This also means they’re thicker than lotions. Because of the thickness, creams are usually stored in jars. They are too thick to squeeze them out of bottles or pumps. They are suited for dry skin because of the extra protection they offer. The heavier consistency makes them effective as moisturizing agents, especially in winter or in dry climates (when there is less moisture in the air), or during a pandemic when everyone is washing their hands over ten times per day. So if you’ve run out of hand cream and don’t feel like braving the pharmacy again, reach for your face cream– perhaps the Seratopical Day & Night Brilliance Cream.
  2. Warm Water
    Wash your hands in lukewarm water rather than hot or cold water to prevent them from drying out. Nothing strips your hands of their natural oils like hot water
  3. Blot Dry
    Instead of wiping, blot dry to prevent micro-abrasions on the skin. Using paper towel is best!
  4. Hemp
    Try some Hemp. Vitamins A & E (both present in hemp) keep the skin soft. Both our Seratopical Day & Night Brilliance Cream and our Soothing Cream are fortified with hemp and can help improve skin texture and skin hydration.
  5. Gloves
    In addition to applying a moisturizer to damp skin after washing, try soaking your hands in water for 5 minutes, then apply a moisturizer, and wear gloves for 1 to 2 hours. Sleep with moisturizing gloves on if possible for optimal results!

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